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an get through the day is by devouring the requisite salami sandwich and chocolate milkshake.Mr. Tsang, who frequently uses the chat room as a means to offer a male perspective on various issues affecting women, says the site can at times be rather tedious.The only issue I disagree with in what she promotes is the superficiality involved, but since I had never intended to use all of the provided features, it is all right with me, he says.But it isn't all fluff. While Vivian has plenty to say about how to dress for various personalities  Little Miss Tomboy, Girly Girl, or Urban Diva, among others  she also offers advice on everything from her favorite books and music to careers, self
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 not just for Syria but for authoritarian regimes throughout the Middle East. When people lose their fear of such regimes, these regimes have very little to sustain them. Some  Mr. Jumblatt included  say that Iraq's elections inspired the Lebanese, who saw that Iraqis would not give in to fear. But it isn't just the Iraq effect. It is Palestinian elections and the paradox, as Arab commentators observe, that only where there is external occupation are Arab peoples gaining a voice in shaping their future. Does it take occupation, they ask, to empower Arab individualsEmpowerment is taking place elsewhere, and there is little doubt that the Orange Revolution in Ukraine appears to have
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 arely had time to brief the president after his Middle East tour. Headlines were boldly announcing the threat to America of Islam. Fear of Islam rages from TV screens across the land. And we learn the primary and still only suspect is a young Arab of Palestinian origin.Next, within days of the FBI's confirmation that Arab Muslims were the likely terrorists in the World Trade Center bombing, we hear affirmations from Israeli leaders. Their suspicions of the Hamas members were now justified they say. Surely Americans now comprehend Israel's feelings. The public mood toward the 415 expelled Muslims changed.Media alarm over Islam, which it links to the suspected bombing agent, Mohemmed
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 outh activists is suggesting ways to spend the booty  or holding out their hands.* In Rhode Island, the governor is hoping to expand health coverage for the poor and make improvements in child care.* In Alabama, the state legislature has already set aside $85 million from any settlement to fund youth programs.* In Los Angeles County, part of the $126 million it will get from the settlement each year has been tabbed to fight teen tobacco use and enforce smoking bans in bars and restaurants.This will be one of the biggest issues for legislators in the 1999 session, says Arturo Perez, a research analyst at the National Conference of State Legislatures in Denver.On Friday, 46 states acc
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